Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dream or Future Motivation?

How are you supposed to go back to sleep when you have a dream like that?! Its a restored barn, one room setup with a door to a small stable area. The room has a woodstove in the center with stack thru straight up to the roof. A loft bed is across from me as I walk in, with a desk below it for writing & photography & painting. There's a cat walk around the top of the room with hide boxes in the corner walls & a window to my left has a cat window shelf padded in pink with orange curtains. A bathroom is to my right, decompositing toilet, & a small stall with a camp shower fed thru the wall. Small farm sink basin is outside that door with a water cooler next to it. Across the room right of the bed is a window with orange curtains. Left of the bed is a wardrobe. Left wall is a mattress/ couch for lounging. Right wall is a yellow door, I walk down steps from the raised floor room into a barn area. Theres a single stall & a cow. Theres a chicken nesting boxes as well as chickens. I go out a barn style door to the field and see the front door is sliding glass doors with curtains onto a porch wrapping around two sides towards the sunset. I walk out back to see a huge vegetables garden & a small car & truck out back. I work & setup a farmers market stand seems like. I see a solar panel on top of the roof. Soo detailed of a dream... Am I to be a farmer? Its always so peaceful visiting country friends growing up & watching Tiny houses, off grid type shows. My soul longs to become a happy Laura Ingles millennium style lol with an auction in June is this my sign to take chances again? Build my dream?