Saturday, August 22, 2015

; Never Finished Writing

Creative writing, yes it's confusing to most.

How does words on paper make a writer? Isn't there requirements to be a "real" writer?

"Well if you write then it must be on a topic or same types of topics."

And my favorite assumption, if you're not being paid then logic of most muggles is that there is such a thing as a fake writer.

Oh jeez... the amount of sarcasm & comments I bite back I should win a metal. Lol so who decided that things and talents and ppl came in predetermined boxes anyways? The limits of the mind are a choice! Nothing is impossible with a little willpower & determination.

Ya, I'm one of "those ppl"

I write everything & its public. I am openly myself, and I'm learning to accept it. I'll never be a neat freak, there's dishes in my sink, clothes from the dryer rarely find their way home & sleep on the floor, I rather wander or do something with my kids then detail clean. I work and stress is my enemy, so I take care of myself & make time a priority with the ppl I care about.

Riches aren't things you can buy, it's the little things we take for granted. A child's innocent & honest chatter, the toddler meltdowns, the back to school errands, the bills knocking on my door, someday the details I tend to dread won't be around & if I don't cherish every moment along the way, I'll wake up realizing I missed my life planning it.

There's an odd peace settling in my soul. With scary, terribly stressful issues all around me, I'm finding my heart calm. I'm loving my memories, good & bad for getting me here, I'm treasuring where I am at, who I am, & what I have. Because life is messy, people are imperfect and hurt other people, issues are always sneaking up. I can either focus on the negative or celebrate the positive I do have.

Although my heart aches for things like second chances, lost loves, & to rewind time & decisions, I've learned to recognize its okay to choose to be happy & still miss the good memories of the past. I've had rocky ups & downs & still do, but there's life in living presently in today. Freedom & a relaxing awareness of things as they are being perfectly imperfect. Who knows what tomorrow will bring but I'm enjoying every step, misstep, & circles I take.

Writers simply are.
Writing simply is.
Life simply continues wonderfully.

Choices lead to paths we didn't know we'd take, & its creating a life we never could guess would be ours, yet there's soo much beauty in life beyond are limited imaginations. Mystery is a great adventure. Never give up.

; Jenah Resurgam

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Blurb on dating

Relationships are counterproductive to my career. Every time I'm dating I make less cuz I get emotional over the fighting dating bs. And let's face it, it's near impossible to date without the bs. Fighting over hurt feelings, that jealousy over so n so, fighting over random stuff that makes no sense. Drama, that stresses me out & hurts my job abilities, & trying to make someone else happy isn't something I can do.

Date me as I am & leave the nonsense or don't date me. I'm not a fling, notch on a belt, or the typical housewife. I'm stubborn, independent, & smart. So I'm the quote & quote hard to date kind. I'm learning I have no patience for a guy who is insecure, dominant, controlling, anxiety ridden, ya ya I got issues & there's no such thing as perfect. I know that.

I'm saying I can't date just any kind of way. Six months single so far, it gets easier daily. Ya I miss things, ppl, thoughts of what ifs, but I'm content in the peace of singleness. I see my friends, do what I want, don't need to ask permission or consider an significant other's feelings, I am free. New concept, relaxing away from "finding the one" such a stupid notion put in girls minds that doesn't exist. You find what work you've put into yourself. Can't attract someone you should & need without working on self first. Seeking to fill that void is a crash & burn. The "try harder stupid" line from Hitch: TRUTH!

I'm no hookup, treat me like one & adios! I got better things to do with my time. So ya, dating isn't out of style, but if a man ain't trying to take you somewhere nice, he's not trying to date you sweetheart. He's trying to get it & quit it. Don't lower your standards just to be not alone. 'Cuz real catches are a prize not a free hand out. Class, dignity, respect. It's not playing games to make a guy wait for sex in the beginning. If he hasn't made clear intentions to be your man & shown you he can take you on a date, he's saying your not worth his time. It's not about girls are after his cash, it's about the proper way to be treated. Perspective ladies. Keep you're standards. Being the best you can be and letting things happen. Trust in the process :)

Dating isn't hopeless. Just learn to be single and love yourself first. Don't lower your standards, & have fun going on dates. You'll be the classy lady everyone wants to date soon enough! Chin up! And remember life is happening now. Don't miss today waiting for tomorrow.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

"Q:What Topic Do I write About?"

It comes whenever it wishes. I just add it to pages. Writing is alive, a beast all of its own. I'm just trying to tame it to ink and paper.

Monday, August 3, 2015

Memories of You

When it fades away,
Into the night,

Polished rough edges,
Like ocean glass,

It changes ever,
So slowly & surely,

Till it exists in,
A newest form,

It's lost its sharpest,
Sting & ache,

Yet even time,
Worn & faded,

The questions unanswered,
Haunt the darkness,

Never the same,
But never gone,

Memories of You.

*~*Jenah Resurgam*~*