Thursday, May 15, 2014

So here I am again...

Well, I been gone from writing and I'm sorry for that. As the paperwork for the divorce got thicker, lost my job, started a new career. Things got busy, and busy was good. Helped me get through the winter. I'm doing better now, took a few classes at church. I been traveling and training. I'm not online as much as I was but I'm writing a little bit for any readers still reading :p Life has many changes, and every bad trial I faced this year, turned into something better than I had planned. I'm accepting myself and enjoying the day to day stuff just putting the past behind me. I'm Miss Holton again, officially divorced and moving on. Healing is a process and sometimes its different than before, you learned, hurt, and heal to make up a whole new person. Maybe I'm not that different but I do feel like the changes that happened this past year are making me different. I'm beginning to take pride in who I am, trusting my decisions and not letting anyone walk on me, push me around. No more listening to insults, no more taking the blame for everyone else's flaws and misplaced anger, when I faced rejection, cheated on from my ex-husband, the violent, loud arguments, the family walking on me and degrading me, telling me I need to change, I'll end up alone if I don't do things their way. It's all empty words echoing their pain and not mine. Today I am me, and its good enough.

My random update, after a long day project monitoring and working in a science field. I'm living a realty better then my old dreams.