Thursday, June 15, 2017

Familiar Eyes 06/16/17

Sitting alone one afternoon along came a girl,

Pretty in a familiar neighborly way,

Sad haunted eyes with an honest smile,

Attempting politeness I ask How's yr day,

A quiet shy reply answers me with I'm okay,

A glimmer in her expression as it sparkles,

I ask her to sit with me a moment to wait,

She engages my mind in lively marvels,

I seem to feel like we've met before this,

I finally muster the courage to ask if we've met,

A smirk crosses her lips only to disappear,

Replying you knew me well & will know me,

I blink and she's gone I glance around in fear,

Where'd this beautiful soul go?

Was I dreaming it all?

Realizing I'm no longer on the bench,

I stumble off my bed and fall,

In front of me a mirror I glance up,

Into familiar eyes.

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