Monday, February 10, 2014

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Project 562, Art project on Native Americans

I've including the artist I'm currently listening to along with an amazing link to a Photo Journalism project on Native Americans. What I'm thinking about is how amazing these talented women are and that creativity and knowledge and talents go far but the true hidden gem here is how these women see themselves and carry themselves. It's their thoughts about life, love, and future shining thru their talents and how they carry themselves. Women with the inner strength and independence to love life as it is and can be are valuable to everyone. The power of intent and perspective are clearly shown here. Watching what you tell yourself is the essence of life. Intelligence starts with how you talk to yourself, actions are formed and attitudes begin with what you think when no one can hear you. Strength, peace, and the ability to succeed are all formed with that quiet voice you talk to yourself in. Greatness is formed with the ability to talk positively to yourself no matter what is going on around you. It's a working process, but when I reached my breaking point this past year I realized I'm able to change anything by simply viewing it differently. From dealing with divorce, car breaking down, major moves, family arguments, to panic attacks and more; I've realize the simple truth in thinking positive even when you don't feel positive. Writing 3 things I'm grateful for down each day to remind myself that I'm doing good. Shifting my mindset from victim, grief, and the negative to creator mindset, positve possibilities, and joy. I love photography and learning new things. I've always had this passion for writing and learning. Perhaps this blog is my outlit for creativity and I hope my words help a few of you out there to find encouragement in the hard times. Life happens, stress is unavoidable, things change and bad situations will always come up when you don't want them to, but you can control one important factor: You. You control yourself and how you react to things and what you do next. This mindset is worth finding and clinging to. It'll change your life, and it's a daily change but it'll lead you to your dreams. Dream big, never give up, be completely yourself, learn to love who you are and what you are thinking. It matters most in life to love yourself and be who you want to be without any apologizing, worrying what others think, or hoping negative things will stop happening. Life will never be easy for anyone, everyone has their secret battles and some battles are more public then others, but don't judge a person. No one can fully know another person.

I'll end this post with this: Don't stop becoming yourself. Loving yourself must come first. I hope you are having a great day blog fans :)

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