Wednesday, February 26, 2014

What About the Change?

^The link between learning disabilities on the rise and GMO’s and chemically altered foods that are changing the brain


More of a reason that organic, homemade meals are best. Remove processed sugars, food dyes, and GMO produce from the diet and the learning disabilities disappear with the bad foods. Basically homegrown is best, home cooked is best,  stores are hiding the MSG preservatives under different names on labels. If you don’t know how the food is made you are risking chemicals damaging your body. God knew best when He created us, altering the chemical makeup of the body with unnecessary things is dangerous to your health.


All natural, organic foods don’t have to be expensive. Weekly cooking and packing and freezing foods helps a lot. I need to make this a priority not just for myself but for my kids as well. If pregnant women are cautioned from eating things processed, should we consider the dangers of eating it when not pregnant too? What if poor food quality could solve the issues we’ve been fighting? Anxiety, insomnia, depression, OCD, learning disabilities, what if all those things stem from us as a society playing God and altering food and DNA of plants and using the power of new technology to do anything from researching DNA and thinking mankind can alter and solve any disease, prevent disease, and play God in the lab. Scientists have gotten lost in the marvel of technology which does amazing things but where is the line drawn? When does modifying the DNA of plants, and covering our produce and plants in pesticides get noticed for the health issues its causing. When do the citizens stand up and protest for the effects on our children and ourselves? Healthy bodies, healthy minds, right? So why wouldn’t we consider what chemicals we are putting in our diet, homes.


If we consider the lifestyle we have fallen into, quick easy foods are replacing great home cooked meals, fresh garden produce that is incomparable to grocery stores, a garden is what I want to make, have space for homegrown produce, shop farmer’s markets, buy grains from local farmers or Amish in the area, someday have the land to grow my own fields, I want to farm and learn to cook and prepare foods, give myself and my children the advantage of healthy meals without chemicals or mystery alterations from lab experiments in produce. I want to start running in the mornings. Set my alarm for 4:30, get up and around to run, and be back by 5:30 to shower and get around for work. I want time to help my kids get up in the mornings. Life changing ideas, complete diet change, starting to run early in the morning which I hate mornings, cold, and I’m out of shape horribly so, I need a steps tracker for miles, and to set myself up for starting it right away. Hmm, I’ll use this blog for accountability. I’ll promise to write tomorrow about how my morning run attempt goes.


My random rant post Board Meeting with my daughter’s school, trying to get a grip on what I can do to help myself and my girls get a better education and lifestyle.







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